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Processing technology - Mercatum is turning glass to digital

We have a solid track record in introducing new advanced technologies to the construction and glass market through our wide customer contacts combined with our technical expertise of digital technologies in particular.

Mercatum offers DecoJet ceramic digital printing technology, supporting equipment and application services for the ever growing market of customized glass facades, customized interior glass applications and also for applications using vitrious enamelled steel and ceramic tiles. DecoJet technology is based on using ceramic inks, ensuring long life time of the printed end products after the firing process. The product range covers substrate sizes up to 3,3x18m and can be used in connection with flat tempered, bent tempered, laminated and insulated glass.

Please check the Projects section to see few of the numerous projects realized using the DecoJet technology.

We tailor our offering to each customer need. Further information and offer for your specific need please contact info@mercatum.fi